Bill & Michelle Guyther

Bill & Michelle Guyther

In corporate America I made it to an Executive position only to find myself involuntarily unemployed. After working my whole life striving to do bigger and better things, one person was able to walk in and relentlessly take my position away from me. At that moment in my life I knew I needed a way to wake up in the morning and know that I could earn an income for me and my family without question. I had been introduced to Pre-Paid Legal about six months before this defining moment in my life but, quite frankly, had no interest. Miraculously though, when my circumstances changed, so did they way I looked at things. Michelle (my wife) and I evaluated the opportunity in great detail, as I was the skeptic of all skeptics. Once our evaluation was complete we had no other choice but to go for it. The opportunity made too much sense.

As great as the Pre-Paid Legal opportunity is, it was our new law of associations that we owe most of our success to today. We were introduced first to Mike Melia who, thankfully, became a true mentor to us. He made us feel like he knew things about us that we didn’t even know ourselves. He believed in us and coached us in the right direction, and that wasn’t an easy job because I was all over the place trying to make this business work. Through Mike, we were introduced to Steve & Kim Melia. This relationship has proved to be one that completed the alliance we needed to stay the course. Today, we are proud to call Mike, Steve and Kim Melia our friends. Each of the Melias are great individually but together they are exceptional. They have given us gifts that no one, and I mean no one, in this world has ever given, nor will ever be able to give us. Knowledge, support, guidance, love, generosity, kindness and truth are all words that come to mind when I think of this tremendous trio.

Letting Pre-Paid legal become a part of your life is a great decision. The opportunity alone can deliver things to you that most people wait their whole life on but when you combine that with the leadership and friendships that comes with a team like the Melia Family, you want to let Pre-Paid Legal become a Lifestyle for you, and success is almost certain.

I hope to one day be able to touch the lives of millions and millions of people. My ultimate goal in life is to have the largest funeral you’ve ever seen or imagined when I die. This would complete my mission because the reality is that, for us, the journey is the destination. Embrace the journey as it is what will make you who you become in the long run.

In closing I look forward to meeting and shaking hands with all the Melia Family Associates in the near future. Maybe at a convention or Melia family event but until then I suggest to you…Stay Focused on what you want, Feel Good all the time and NEVER, NEVER QUIT!!