This Business is Simple!!!

Market the Membership.

Promote the Opportunity.

Build for Events.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines,
practiced every day.”

Jim Rohn

Have You Gotten Your LOVELetter?

 If not, we’d love to include you! Each month, we send a love letter from Kim Melia, our co-founder and the children we’ve visited and helped. You could meet Vanessa from Guatemala, who lives at the girl’s orphanage we support. You’ll be a part of our adventures as we take the children on field trips! You’ll delight in their expressions of joy when we surprise them with shopping trips for good grades, or a Hogar Hero brings them all new shoes. You’ll be there when our efforts make lasting impacts, and you’ll feel the love we have for these children who need us and for volunteers and donors like you who make it all possible.

Follow your heart!