I was working in the retail industry for a furniture company and the money was good, but I did not like the 12-hour shifts. One day I needed legal services and it would’ve costed me a lot of money to hire an Attorney. One of my co-workers shared information about LegalShield so I went to see the presentation and immediately saw the value of the Membership, but did not want anything to do with becoming an Associate.

I signed up for the LegalShield Membership in 2006. In 2008, the recession hit and I lost half of my income. I decided to talk to my co-worker about LegalShield again and decided to give the Business a shot. In May 2008, my journey with LegalShield officially began. My goal at that time was to work part-time in LegalShield and make an extra $250 to $500 a month. I did not follow the system that LegalShield had, so I failed and could not make enough extra money to pay the bills. I took a part-time job at a convenience store and in 2010 I dropped my Membership, while I was at the Director level. This was a bad decision that I made in my LegalShield career. In 2015, I encountered legal issues and reached out to Mr. Randy Parker to sell me a LegalShield Membership. My wife Yamini asked if we can make money selling LegalShield plans and I said that yes, we can. Yamini stated that I should get involved, so I joined as an Associate and I was introduced to the Melia Family. This time, I followed the LegalShield system and became very successful at B2B sales. I did not know what industry I would focus on developing. I took the CDLP class and Transportation interested me; in 2019, I had a breakthrough and opened a large group that made my dreams come true!

Today, while I work full-time for the State of California (currently from home), my wife Yamini and I are still working LegalShield part-time (only 6 hours a week), but we are earning an extra $3500 a month! LegalShield has given us an Opportunity to not only change our lifestyle but the lifestyle of the people we help with our Membership and Opportunity; it has also given us an Opportunity to secure our future finances and retirement. Today, we have the freedom to spend money and time with our family. Because of LegalShield, we can provide the best that life has to offer to our family! We are grateful to the Melia Family and to Randy and Char Parker, who adopted us, guided and supported us in our LegalShield Business!

It has been a journey and experience that we have truly enjoyed and embraced. Although there were times we wanted to quit when things got challenging, we kept reminding ourselves why we are doing this business, so we never quit! We are not done yet as the best is still yet to come!