Bob Levy has always had an instinct for recognizing cutting-edge trends. Early in his career, when he was a young clothing salesman, he sensed a major trend about to occur in the fashion industry and opened the first store in the south that sold bell-bottoms …. The Merry Go Round Boutique, in Atlanta, Georgia. Within a couple of years, that store grew to a chain of seventeen and eventually more than 1,000 stores, nationwide!

Bob and his wife, Vickie, have founded and developed several other businesses in Atlanta over the years.  But in fall of 1998, after selling their last business, they were introduced to Pre-Paid Legal Services (LegalShield).  Bob says, “I realized right away that the membership could have saved me thousands of dollars throughout my business career, if I had only known. I couldn’t wait to share it with others and wanted to be a part of a company that was changing history by providing justice through affordable, legal plans. I knew this was a trend that was not going away!”

Vickie had taken a corporate position with UPS Logistics at the time they got involved but worked their Pre-Paid Legal business part time.  They started right away, building their team of Associates. Bob worked the business part time the first year, as well, but soon, discovered a lucrative income with Group Sales. As a leader in group sales, in 2001 he was offered the position of VP of Group Marketing for Georgia and served as Group Trainer until 2011. 

Vickie decided to retire from UPS early, in 2003, to join Bob full time in the business. They achieved the level of Silver Executive Director in November ’03 and by March 2004, earned the $100,000 ring.

Recently, Bob and Vickie were surprised by a call from Corporate, letting them know that they had earned a total of one million dollars in LegalShield and were being inducted into LegalShield’s prestigious Millionaire’s Club!

“We are honored to have achieved this award and to be in a position to inspire others, by example”, says Bob and Vickie.

They have sold over 3,000 personal LegalShield memberships and their organization has produced over 20,000 membership sales. They have earned the Performance Club bonus every month, since inception. With the residual income they now earn, and the time freedom they enjoy, they decided to move into their beautiful North Georgia Mountain Cabin, full time, a few years ago. “We can offer LegalShield plans and the opportunity, wherever we are”.

Bob and Vickie’s “WHY” for the past 14 years in the business has always been their grandson, Matthew, who is 21 years old now. “Matthew grew up with the LegalShield family and the personal development culture, which has been phenomenal to his character”. “He has traveled with us on every earned Players Club vacation. We are very proud that Matthew recently decided to serve his country by joining the US Air Force and he knows he always has his own LegalShield business waiting for him, at home.

“We have been blessed with a great family of LegalShield Associates to help us (Special thanks to Charlie Fowler, Glenda and Jerry Boling). And we are also blessed to have been brought into the business by our $500,000 ring earners, Platinum 7 ED’s, Mike, Kim and Steve Melia, who showed us how to build a successful networking marketing business.

“We have tremendous respect for our Georgia RVP’s Nick and Gayle Serba who make it a joy to be a part of the Georgia LegalShield Community. We appreciate the way they support all the Associates in our region with integrity, respect, generosity and unwavering, tough love!

“It means everything to be able to deliver the service we promise to our members, thanks to Our GA provider Law Firm, Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell and Daly. The managing partner, Rick Campbell, always has an open door to listen to Associates and is dedicated to delivering the very best service possible, to our members…..with the WOW factor!

“We shall never forget our founders, Shirley and Harland Stonecipher, for this wonderful opportunity they provided through their vision and sacrifice. And we appreciate our new owners, Mid-Ocean Partners, for realizing what we have and continuing the dream…‘to provide equal justice for everyone’. Mid-Ocean believes, as we still do, that the product we have is unique, important and one of the best opportunities in North America.

“We are very excited about the future with LegalShield and how fortunate we all are to have the LegalShield opportunity to offer to others, especially in these difficult times.”