When LegalShield was first introduced to me, I admit that I was skeptical, yet I saw the value in the service, and I joined as a member. I consulted my provider law firm for help with a lease, a vehicle purchase, a warranty issue and much more. When my ex-wife filed divorce papers, I turned to our LegalShield Provider Law Firm in Ontario to help me through the difficult process. Thanks to their advice and guidance, my two young daughters grew up living with and having both of their parents in their lives daily. My provider law firm and my referral attorney changed my life and theirs! When Moira and I looked at the business opportunity, I was a single dad commuting to a middle-management job in the marine industry and running my two franchises with a staff of 25 people. Moira was a single mom, with a background in corporate banking, who ran her own home day care. We were each working over 12 hours a day. We were exhausted, and we were searching for another opportunity.

We signed up as associates in 2005, achieved the Director level, and we’ve never missed the weekly briefing, or now a weekly Zoom presentation, since then. Our success comes from personally recruiting two new associates per month and helping them begin their journey towards the success they desire, consistently being Performance Club Pro qualified each and every month, being loyal to the system no matter what happens, building relationships with our team members with our PC recognition dinners, survivor weekends, friendly contests and our annual awards at New Year’s.

Our “why” when we started was our three young daughters. Today, it is helping others find and achieve their goals that we now enjoy and so very much appreciate. We will be eternally grateful for the personal development journey and the financial opportunity that our LegalShield business has provided for us. We have been there to raise our girls ourselves and not miss anything. We were able to take the time to care for our aging parents. We are now building a home on our lakefront property — our little cabin in the woods. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher, for this incredible opportunity. Thanks also go to Rob and Charlene MacKenzie for their friendship, to Mike, Kim and Steve Melia for their ongoing mentorship through both the good times and the challenges and to so many others for their amazing gifts they have so freely shared with us. We save our biggest THANK YOU for last — and that is for our team! We couldn’t have done any of this without the incredible group of talented and passionately driven individuals that we have the honour and privilege to serve! Our success is merely a collective representation of all their hard work and their incremental achievements along the path to their goals and dreams. The success that so many of our team members have achieved his past year has been absolutely incredible, and we are so proud of each of you! The future is going to be even more exciting! Let’s build!