I was introduced to LegalShield more than 15 years ago by a fellow real estate investor. My first reaction was disbelief. How could this be real, and why had I not heard of it in my 45 years?

I soon learned that it WAS real, and that hardly anyone else knew about it either. So I got to work to help inform real estate investors and others. Within a year, I was an Executive Director, and I helped other team members hit the Executive Director level, too.

It has not been easy, but valuable things rarely are. It is a journey of learning and personal development, and I’ve worked with great mentors like Bob Levy, the Melias and Frank AuCoin. I’ve made great LegalShield friends along the way — too many to name. I continually learn from them, and I’m truly grateful.

My “why” is my kids and my partner, Kim. I am thankful for their support. We have enjoyed earning the perks, bonuses and trips, especially the one to the Maya Riviera in Mexico.

My three favorite things are LEVERAGE, RESIDUALS and CASH FLOW, and thanks to them, 2020 was my best year ever, even with the virus and the quarantine.

Thanks to this great business, I create the life that I want to live. Who could ask for more?