I have a very unique background. I am a Retired Professional High Diver and Aquatic Entertainer. I have had the pleasure of producing and performing in high diving shows in 22 countries all around the world from Hong Kong to Dubai and from England to Australia. In 1980, I won the coveted Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships as seen on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. To see actual video footage put Chip Humphrey in a Google or YouTube search.

After 14 years of traveling the world I decided to fall back on my college degree and start teaching but I quickly realized the difference in lifestyle and income. I knew if I wanted to return to that ultimate lifestyle I had to earn more money than I could as a teacher. I decided to go back and get my Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. That did increase my salary going from a teacher’s salary to an administrator’s salary but even at $75,000 / year I would still be living check to check.

Fortunately I was also introduced to LegalShield when I first started teaching and I got started on a part-time basis. I was looking for extra monthly cash flow and for a way to supplement my future retirement income. Working my business part-time (5 – 15 hours / week) and by following the “System of Success”, I was able to build an organization that generated an income of over $150,000 / year while I was an Assistant Principal at Vero Beach High School. In my tenure with LegalShield, I have earned well over a million dollars and that along with the continuing annual 6-figure income allowed me to retire early from Education.

They say it is OK to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat. I am so grateful for the Leaders and Leadership at LegalShield that have allowed me to copy them and have success, namely Darnell Self and Mike, Steve and Kim Melia.

I have an amazing life traveling the world enjoying all of the sights, sports, sounds, cultures and people. Through my travels I have been able to entertain, educate and empower others.

My focus is to help other entrepreneurs develop resources so they can design their lifestyle and be true to their purpose in life through their pleasures and passions!

Live life to its fullest!